tintner family tree

is it just me, or is there a new baby or expectant family everywhere you turn…strolling downtown, seated at dinner next to you, on facebook/instagram…the list goes on. well we’ve had several friends have new additions to the family, and we’ve doubled our niece/nephew count with 3 new little ones this year! and i know it’s not the same, but we even brought home a new 4 legged baby to our home this summer…


okay, but enough about our dog(s)…back to juliana’s announcements.

my sister asked me to create a birth announcement for juliana that was just as special and fun as maddie’s were (remember these, way way way back when?) since juliana is named after her paternal grandfather, julius, it was fitting to incorporate a family tree. i loved the idea of also tying together the forest animals that i’ve been so fond of for my sister…maddie’s announcements had an owl and her birthday party invites sported the party animals.  so i went to my sketchbook and drew a woodland scene focused around a ‘family tree’ where juliana is cradled on one branch and big sister maddie is swinging from another. doesn’t this remind you of the scene from sleeping beauty where aurora is singing to all her forest friends?



introducing finn!

My nephew, joshua finn was born in may and I had such a blast working on his birth announcements. My sister thought it would be cute to do something marine themed to play off his name, finn (fin, fish, get it)?


So I worked through several options with her and finally fell in love with a school of fish emerging from the edges of the paper thus bringing lots of movement to the whole piece. It’s paired with a simple, but classic bold font to bring complement the dynamic graphic.



The announcements were paired with photographs that my sister shot of her two boys. Christopher (who is 3 1/2 years old) is so sweet to his little brother and loves him so much (most of the time that is). Aren’t they just the cutest? These, along with the announcement were placed in a light gray envelope and, stamped with with a custom rubber stamp, and shipped off to all their family + friends.

baby showers!

It seems like everyone is talking about babies…several of our close friends and family have recently had babies or are pregnant. Between May and August, my husband and I are doubling our niece/nephew count…to 6! It’s always fun to go shopping to little girl’s dresses or baby boy trucks. But it’s even more fun to design invitations and announcements as gifts for our friends.

One of my dear friends Andrea Hubbell (remember, she took these photos of the studio a while back) is having a baby boy this October! I couldn’t be happier for her and her husband, Brian. They are going to be such wonderful parents, and that baby boy is going to have lots of aunties and uncles in town who love and spoil him.

Kristin and Sarah, who are throwing the shower, wanted something fun and light-hearted to reflect Andrea and Brian. The Hubbells had already purchased these ‘monster’ prints for the nursery and we all thought that was a perfect theme to riff of of. I created my own version of a momma and baby loch ness monster swimming in the water. Don’t you just love how sweet the interaction between momma and baby are?

baby hubb-01

One of my sisters just hosted a baby sprinkle (it’s less of a shower, more of a celebration for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th child) for her 2nd little girl, Juliana Claire. Juliana is due in August and I can’t wait to meet her! A rooftop bbq was the perfect way to celebrate…I mean that’s what you do in Baltimore, right?

So, I created these cute invitations for Juliana’s bbq sprinkle that featured a branded bbq sticker and vintage/distressed fonts. I loved how they turned out–sophisticated, yet fun.

juliana sprinkle-01

Happy (almost) birthday Carson!

Our nephew Carson turns one at the end of May! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year since we first met him. My husband and I were blessed to have Chip, Anne, and Carson just down the street before they had to move to Atlanta last summer. We’ve gotten to see them a few times this past year but I feel like I get to sit down and have coffee with them every morning when I read my sister in law’s blog, licensed professional mom.

Anne asked me a few weeks ago to design a birthday invitation for Carson playing off the theme of our family’s last name Hogge. They were already planning on serving BBQ at the party so we created a fun and modern invitation with references to good ol’ southern pulled pork, licking your fingers good barbeque!

We printed these on double ply lettra to give an extra luxurious feel to the invitation and paired them with kraft brown envelopes. We also included lots of other little goodies in their package, including Carson’s wagon cards, and a VERY belated christmas present from Gage.

Baby Showers

I went to a very wonderful joint baby shower this weekend for two different moms. Claudine is due with a little girl in 2 weeks and Alissa will be surprised with the gender of her baby when it’s due in 3 weeks. In addition to little dresses, bloomers, and lots of books, I decided that these moms may appreciate a few note cards when the little ones finally arrive.

We made these sweet little cards with a mom and baby giraffe just saying hello to each other. We played with a few different color combinations and finally decided on the gender neutral yellow and gray (seems to be a popular combination here at Studio TEN15).

Hope you love them, Claudine and Alissa, and we can’t wait to meet the newest additions to your families!

hello giraffes

hello giraffes

Christopher’s birthday

My nephew turned two this week! I pressed these cute dump truck cards to go with the new truck and car I found for his party tomorrow.

Although he’s only two and may not be writing notes any time soon, his parents can use these as thank -you’s for birthday gifts, or just as ‘Thinking of you’ cards. The color-by-number is a fun, interactive card that can be used in many ways. Christopher can color each one before his parents send them off (who doesn’t need more artwork for the fridge?) or he can leave it uncolored for his friends to color for themselves once they open the note.