classic and timeless

we are continuously drawn the timeless aesthetic found in classic designs. the clean lines and ‘simplicity’ create a seemingly effortless beauty…think about all those mid century modern pieces of furniture. but the simplest things are often the hardest to create because your eyes are not distracted by a bunch of fluff and the details really matter. last fall, i had the opportunity to work with siobhan and raleigh (2 of more nearest and dearest friends) to create a complete suite that tied into their virginia vineyard wedding.

siobhan and raleigh wanted to create a feeling of elegance with a touch of fun. they wanted to be able to look back at the paper suite on their 50th anniversary and still love every part of it. imagine our parents’ generation looking through wedding photos today laughing at permed hair, baby blue tuxes, and billowing/poufy (long) sleeves…one of a wedding couples biggest fears. and yes, my parents had all of the above in their wedding album.

the invitations were simple without too much ornament or fuss. i worked with bon and raleigh to choose complimentary fonts that would embody their elegant yet fun personalities. we included their wreath/seal ‘monogram’ on the reply card (and also many day of materials) and added the spunk on the illustrated map.

Raleigh & Siobhan Wedding

photo credit: kate mcgee photography

i was so thrilled to be a part of their big day and am just sorry it’s taken me so long to finally create this blog post!

Maya and Bryan are getting married!

I had so much fun working with Maya and Bryan on their entire wedding suite. They are such a wonderful couple and they somehow always bring a smile to your face. They are getting married this July in Washington DC and wanted their paper suite to match their personality–fun and modern. During one of our first meetings, Maya mentioned that Bryan loved fly fishing and wanted to SUBTLY include flies into the suite. So after a few drawings, Maya and Bryan fell lin love with the movement of the swooping lines which were reminiscent of fly lines. And I was even able to tuck in small flies between some of the lines to further tie the whole theme together.



The pattern of the lines + flies are printed without ink to create a blind impression into the paper. This allowed the text to really pop off the page. The blind impression really shows off the beauty of letterpress printing since you both see and feel the impression.


I also had the joy of illustrating a coordinating map for Maya and Bryan that highlighted all the things they wanted their guests to enjoy. She really wanted a whimsical map, so we included lots of hand drawn icons. My favorites? A copper penny representing the Lincoln Memorial and the fishing fly in place of Roosevelt Island.


Thanks for letting me work with you on your wedding invitations, Maya! It was truly a blast