Deconstructed ink

Since I have limited space to store inks, each color is mixed by hand to order following the Pantone mixing guide. As many times as I’ve done this, im continually amazed that hundreds of colors can be created by combining different proportions of just 14 base colors! Here’s my most recent print job (designed by our dear friends at Rock Paper Scissors) and the deconstructed ink and drawdown.


Pet portrait

Here’s a little drawing for a very good friend whose dog passed a couple of weeks ago. I hope his smile brings one to her each time she sees this drawing.

I attempted a gridded drawing and looked carefully at shapes, lines, and tones as related to the grid I laid out. This was a challenge for me since I usually look at the subject as a whole and break it down into simple shapes and then move to more detail from there. I loved the way this turned and was very methodical and precise as I laid each mark. 

Here are the drawing specs:

    • 8×10 graphite on 140# arches cold press
    • Pencils: tombow and staedtler (6h, h, b, 4b, 6b)
    • Time: 5hrs