GAGE turns one

Our sweet puppy is turning one at the end of January. Here’s a sneak peak at his birthday announcements! We’ll be pressing these postcards and sending them out next week.

He’s grown a lot since we got him at 2 months and 12 pounds!

Hello 2012

I can’t believe how quickly 2011 flew by and how much has happened! I tried to use a few of the graphic plates I already had in new ways this week and came up with these cards for when you just want to say hello.

I gave these to Maddie for Christmas so she can send them out and bring a smile to everyone who opens them.

Notecard giveaway

We teamed up with Liz from Elizabeth Ryan Photography in Baltimore for their 25 days of Christmas cheer giveaway. Her daily giveaways have offered everything from gift cards to candles – and now a set of ten monogrammed notecards from studio TEN15!

Head over to her blog to enter today’s giveaway. Thanks Liz, for allowing us to be a part of this exciting series!

Happy Winter Solstice

Happy winter solstice today – and here’s a toast to more sun tomorrow!

I didn’t get around to making solstice postcards this year, but here’s a design from Michael Martin Ho for a solstice greeting card. I love his graphic abstraction of day and night for each season.

Venice sketch

Here’s a snapshot of an exciting new experiment at the studio! I helped teach a drawing class in Italy a few summers ago and wanted to see how well the drawings would translate to the letterpress; I’m happy to see that the cards turned out really well! The imprint of the press really reinforces the texture created by the pencil lines in the original drawings – and also reminds me of traditional woodblock prints, conveying a (reversed) sense of a drawing carved into paper.

Now that I know this technique works, I’m hoping to scan more drawings to¬†create a set of travel drawing notecards. Any city you’d like to see?


I love working with text as a graphic because it’s so simple, yet so powerful. For Christmas, my nephew will be getting a few books and these alphabet cards with his nickname highlighted. I wanted to do something like this a few years ago as his birth announcement, so he’s finally getting them – only two years late!

And I’m printing the new studio logo on the back of each card. What do you think?