drawing of the week: seahorse

Just another little doodle for the week–I sense a marine life theme going on this summer….

I’ve always been fascinated with seahorses ever since I was a kid. Something about them is so elegant– the way they float through the ocean and then anchor themselves to coral/seaweed with their curly little tail. cool, right? the are teeny tiny creatures with an armor like body and a protruding belly. I’ve also always thought they were funny looking too because they have no arms/fins…don’t you wish they had little fins sticking out of their bodies fluttering away to help them swim?



Remember my little stippled octopus drawing from a few weeks ago? Well I had a plate made without any concrete idea of what it could turn in to.

Last night, I was about to clean the press for the day and decided to print the octopus on something…anything really. I just happened to have some coasters laying about the studio and placed it on the coaster, bleeding off a few edges. Cool.

They came out so beautifully that I decided to print another run of them this morning with a new ink color.

octopus coasters-01

octopus coasters-02

And then one thing led to another and remember the alphabet series a while back? Well, here’s the newest addition to/transformation of that…alphabet flashcards anyone? I love letting the creative juices flow and just seeing where it leads. When there aren’t any restrictions or parameters, I feel so free…and I love it!

octopus coasters-03