the secret is revealed…

remember the secret project we were working on back here in the spring printing blitz? well it’s finally time to reveal the big news! we teamed up with rock paper scissors (who was working with Easton Events) to print the gorgeous paper in this photo shoot featured in this fall’s issue of The Knot.


Dani, from rock paper scissors designed all of the paper goods from the invites, menus/place cards, favor tags, napkins, etc. The calligraphy is from Alissa of Feast fine art & calligraphy. Isn’t her hand writing so incredibly beautiful?


The shoot focuses on the beauty of the Virginia landscape and the craft of hand made + local goods. And since honey was the theme of the make believe wedding, I printed the entire suite in a soft orange brown that made it feel like the pen was literally dipped in honey. paired with the big looping arcs of calligraphy and tea stained paper (yes, Dani literally soaked and dyed each sheet of paper with tea), the stationery suite really complimented the atmosphere of old world charm meets modern bride. and I know you can’t actually touch the paper, but everything was printed on Arpa handmade paper from Spain–and it is the softest, most luxurious paper I’ve ever printed on.



Thank you to rock paper scissors for letting me print these and be a part of the team. And don’t forget to pick up your copy of The Knot today!

Envelopes: the first impression

In this modern age, technology has overtaken almost every aspect of our lives. Don’t get me wrong, I love the ease of email, facebook, texting, and twitter. But it’s always nice and refreshing to see a handwritten note in the mail…or the spontaneous “I love you” post it note from your husband on the door (yep, he’s done that before). There’s something about the pen that connects people together. It automatically makes the card, note, post it, so personal.

So it’s also no secret that I LOVE a hand addressed envelope. It’s the first thing that your recipient sees and it really sets the mood for what’s inside. A lot of times, we focus so much on the invitations and what goes inside of the envelope and forget about the envelope. Yes, most people throw away the envelope or it gets beat up in the mail, but that’s no reason to ignore it. The envelope really can become a piece of art. You get to orchestrate the swirls and loops that dance across the page. And calligraphy is not just for wedding invitations anymore–remember our Christmas cards? We paired cursive and print for a fun and whimsical feel.


As an adult, I’ve always been told I have nice handwriting. That hasn’t always been the case. When I was little, my parents used to make me sit and practice my handwriting for an hour each day to improve my penmanship. Well, I guess that practice paid off in the end. And as an architect, I relied on printing everything and never really used cursive writing in my daily life. So last year, I decided to take a calligraphy course online to help me with my cursive writing. I felt like I was 10 again, sitting at my desk and practicing my alphabet for hours a day–literally hours. But I loved doing it. And now, I’m slowly creating a style of my own and it’s so cool that you can still tell it’s my handwriting…apparently, my husband tells me that all of my handwriting has a distinct character.



Now that I’m finally getting comfortable with my cursive penmanship, I’d love to develop a few variations and styles. Goal for 2013: traditional to modern and everything in between! A girl can dream, can’t she?


d&t Holiday Cards!

We’ve been sending out holiday cards to our friends and families for a few years now. Last year, we letterpress printed these fun tree cards with lyrics of Joy to the World as a field of text. We loved this cards but wanted something even more playful and whimsical this year. After searching pinterest, we were inspired by the simple ‘chalkboard’ messages that that we found–like here and here. This was also a great opportunity to practice my script lettering.


So after several drafts in my sketchbook, we both decided on this version here with a ribbon banner above. This simplicity of the front is paired with a really fun pattern on the back…and a shameless but subtle plug for the studio; gotta get that branding in there somewhere. But why are they seafoam green you ask? My husband and I debated a lot over colors. We both agreed that we didn’t want the traditional red and green. Instead, we took a modern spin on colors and used  seafoam and warm gray for the card itself. Then we brought in a rainbow of fun colors with the envelope liner. Then these colors from the liner show up again on our newsletter tags, helping to unify the palette.


The whole card assembly is tied together with pink baker’s twine and stuffed in a kraft brown envelope. Each envelope is then lovingly hand addressed and finished off with a return address label and O’Henry stamp (don’t you love how the post office loves seafoam green too).



The cards turned out great this year and we love how “us” they are.  And just in case you need a recap, here’s a breakdown of all the pieces:

1. Hand drawn/lettered card

2. Newsletter tags capturing our top 3 moments of the year strung on baker’s twine

3. Kraft brown envelopes with liners (we cut these from sheets of mr. boddington’s wrapping paper)

4. Seafoam green wrapped return address label

5. O Henry postage stamp to match our favorite seafoam green!