Little red (blue) wagon

We have been busy here at the studio this week printing 3 different sets of wedding invitations (stay tuned for those posts in the next few weeks). We’ve been focused so much on weddings, that it was really fun to print these adorable vintage wagon cards for our nephew in Atlanta. We love the vintage graphic paired with the stencil type and can’t wait for him to pick these up.

F is for …

After hours of calibrating the new press, we finally have it up and running! These fox cards are the first run with the new press and we are so excited.

We have wanted to do a series of alphabet cards and this is our very first version. It’s fun to imagine what kids might say with this card–‘F is for Fox’ or ‘F is for Fur’ or ‘F is for Four Feet.’ We intentionally left it up to interpretation and love the look and feel of these. We can’t wait to start designing more letters!

F is for...

F is for...

Hello 2012

I can’t believe how quickly 2011 flew by and how much has happened! I tried to use a few of the graphic plates I already had in new ways this week and came up with these cards for when you just want to say hello.

I gave these to Maddie for Christmas so she can send them out and bring a smile to everyone who opens them.

Christopher’s birthday

My nephew turned two this week! I pressed these cute dump truck cards to go with the new truck and car I found for his party tomorrow.

Although he’s only two and may not be writing notes any time soon, his parents can use these as thank -you’s for birthday gifts, or just as ‘Thinking of you’ cards. The color-by-number is a fun, interactive card that can be used in many ways. Christopher can color each one before his parents send them off (who doesn’t need more artwork for the fridge?) or he can leave it uncolored for his friends to color for themselves once they open the note.