lauren + lorenzo’s italian getaway!

Congrats to our dear friends, Lauren & Lorenzo on their upcoming wedding! Lauren designed the entire suite herself and we had the pleasure of printing them for the happy couple!

Even though we can’t make it to Assisi for the big party, we’ll be celebrating stateside and lifting a glass on your big day!



Italy sketches part 2

We loved how the Venice cards came out back in December and wanted to create a whole series of cards from travel sketches. These are all of my personal drawings from a trip in 2010 to the Veneto in Italy.

The first drawing is of a narrow set of stairs wedged between two buildings in Vicenza. This is a pretty normative condition in the area where the city grew organically. The second is of a church campanile on the island of Burano in the Venetian Lagoon. The tower leans so far forward and it can be seen from almost any point on the small island. Burano is know for it’s colorful houses which helped the fisherman identify their street from the canals, but it is also home to the other iconic tower of Italy.

Venice sketch

Here’s a snapshot of an exciting new experiment at the studio! I helped teach a drawing class in Italy a few summers ago and wanted to see how well the drawings would translate to the letterpress; I’m happy to see that the cards turned out really well! The imprint of the press really reinforces the texture created by the pencil lines in the original drawings – and also reminds me of traditional woodblock prints, conveying a (reversed) sense of a drawing carved into paper.

Now that I know this technique works, I’m hoping to scan more drawings to¬†create a set of travel drawing notecards. Any city you’d like to see?