Remember my little stippled octopus drawing from a few weeks ago? Well I had a plate made without any concrete idea of what it could turn in to.

Last night, I was about to clean the press for the day and decided to print the octopus on something…anything really. I just happened to have some coasters laying about the studio and placed it on the coaster, bleeding off a few edges. Cool.

They came out so beautifully that I decided to print another run of them this morning with a new ink color.

octopus coasters-01

octopus coasters-02

And then one thing led to another and remember the alphabet series a while back? Well, here’s the newest addition to/transformation of that…alphabet flashcards anyone? I love letting the creative juices flow and just seeing where it leads. When there aren’t any restrictions or parameters, I feel so free…and I love it!

octopus coasters-03


Good news for us means good news for you! We are moving to a bigger space in 3 short weeks and need help clearing out the studio–we don’t want to lug all that paper and packaging with us, so you can score some great deals these next few weeks.

We’ve started to post a few items to our Etsy shop and for a limited time are offering 20% off EVERYTHING in the store. Use the coupon code MOVE2012 when placing your order to receive your discount. We’ll be posting new items throughout the week, so start stocking the gift closet (do people even have these anymore?) with some awesome boxed sets of stationery.

Enjoy and PASS along!

Modern Flowers

We just finished printing these new modern flower cards last night and love how they turned out. They are fun and fresh but also allude to wood and linoleum cuts.

These are being packaged up in sets of 6 cards and envelopes for party favors at a bridal shower this weekend! We made extra sets, so you can find them at our etsy store soon (we’re still in the process of setting up the shop…)

Monogram cards

We had the pleasure of working with Ivey a few weeks ago as she thought about graduation presents for friends and family. We designed a classic and minimal card featuring the monogram embedded in a dotted border offset from the edge of each card.

Ivey just told us that everyone loved the cards and her dad was jealous he didn’t get a set of his own.

Tommy, Kristin, and Olive’s new cards

Our good friends, the Solomons, just moved into their new house and threw a house warming party this weekend. For a gift, we designed and created a set of personalized cards for them.

The cards have a subtle light yellow graphic that originates on the back and trickles down the front like pearls, rain drops, rays of sun, or whatever you want imagine. We paired this subtle graphic with a bold gray blue font for their name. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations and was excited to try these two new shades out this weekend.

As we were printing these, we thought of the next iteration for Tommy, Kristin, and Olive. Since their initials are TKO, we’d love to play off the knockout acronym and create either a beautiful graphic or just use typography to create a fun play on words.

eeeeeee! Hatch Show Print

Last week we got a package in the mail from our friends Emily and Mike. When I opened it up, I literally shrieked…I LOVE Hatch Show Print and their letterpressed posters.

We went to an exhibit at the Library of Virginia a few months ago and fell in love with their work–you can see that post here. I’m not sure if Emily and Mike truly know how much I love Hatch and how much I love this poster! It has all of the vibrant colors I love (the teal being E+M’s wedding color) and it’s printed with vintage wood block carvings. How can you not love that?

A big thank you to Emily + Mike, you are the best because now I have a Hatch Show Print poster to call my very own!


Little red (blue) wagon

We have been busy here at the studio this week printing 3 different sets of wedding invitations (stay tuned for those posts in the next few weeks). We’ve been focused so much on weddings, that it was really fun to print these adorable vintage wagon cards for our nephew in Atlanta. We love the vintage graphic paired with the stencil type and can’t wait for him to pick these up.