Confetti Wedding Suite!

My college roommate, Emily, got married 2 weeks ago in Richmond, Virginia. We dodged Hurricane Sandy and their celebration was truly magical.

We had the honor to be a part of her paper trail from the very beginning. Remember her paint chip save the dates and Anthro Bridal Shower? If you don’t let’s recap. Emily is a beautiful, fun spirited, modern, metropolitan, smart, funny, and all together awesome woman. When we started to design her wedding suite, she loved the idea of a confetti border and wanted to use the distressed font from her save the dates. So, we came up with a few options for her–from traditional to fun and modern.

Emily and Rafael chose to go with a graphic text block and confetti border throughout their suite. We designed and printed their invitations and reply postcards in our studio. The inserts were flat printed at her local print shop on silver iridescent vellum. These were all assembled in pocket enclosure seen here and sealed with custom stickers that we designed and fabricated here.

The pocket enclosure served as the inner envelope with her guests’ first names–a great modern twist with a formal allusion. We even got a chance to practice our calligraphy skills–more on that in another post…

We had so much fun creating these for Em and Rafael and really enjoyed celebrating with them a few weeks ago. You guys are amazing and congratulations!

Local resources + classes

Letterpress is such a wonderful art and we are so excited it’s seen a revival in the past 10 years. We’ve blogged about  a great online resource for letterpress enthusiasts–, but we think the best way to learn is by interacting face-to-face and getting some hands-on experience.

I fell in love with letterpress and all things typography a little over two years ago after I took an “Intro to Letterpress” class at a local community studio through the Virginia Art of the Book in Charlottesville. I was able to spend a Saturday afternoon designing a card, setting type, locking up a chase, creating a makeready, and finally printing a small run of my greeting cards.

It was such a great experience for me to be introduced to typography and letterpress from teachers that have been life long printers and experts in the field. I was able to learn so much from that one afternoon and started to really appreciate the printed word and all of the love and labor that goes into the art. It’s very different to be able to set lead type than it is to make a few font/size changes in the computer.

We want to encourage anyone who is interested to find your own local resources. This could mean contacting a local print shop, a community studio, or the art department at a local college or university.

Below is the first letterpress card that I ever designed and made two years ago at the VABC. I used Korbel and Copperplate lead fonts and printed them on a Vandercook Universal I proof press. Thank you, VABC, for introducing me to such a rewarding and wonderful art!

Postcard guestbook

My husband and I didn’t want a traditional guestbook at our wedding, so his aunt suggested postcards! Searches on style me pretty and other wedding blogs convinced us that this would be a brilliant idea: each guest signs a postcard (or several!) and we’d receive one in the mail once a week for our first few years of marriage. I loved this idea because we could enjoy advice and encouragement from our guests all year long, and reminisce about our special day each time. Plus, who doesn’t love getting real mail?

We used the words Desire, Kudos, Treasure, and Honor not only because we of what they mean for a marriage, but also because they are our initials (DK, TH). We also pre-addressed and stamped the cards to make everything easy for our guests!