Each project at studio TEN15 begins with an idea and a sketch. We evolve each drawing through several iterations, and scan a final version, converting pen and pencil into pixels in the computer, where we add text, compose graphics, and test several more versions.


For custom work, we have a constant dialogue with clients to work out every detail, a process that ensures each project is truly unique and each client is truly satisfied. We send a digital copy of the approved proof to our new friends at Boxcar Press, who make each of our photopolymer plates for the letterpress machine.


Ours is an intensely hand-made process, from mixing inks to the final press. We mix all of our rubber-based inks at the studio and can match nearly any color in the Pantone formula guide. Paper is hand-cut to size and hand-fed into the press; each color is pressed with a separate pass. We love the subtle differences this process imparts: each piece is unique, as slight variations in inking and pressing impart wonderful textures.

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