i’m back!

so, it’s obviously been a while since i’ve blogged…but i’m back! my excuse? i had a baby last summer and life our new little man has been keeping me on my toes every since he was born. he is now almost 10 months old and developing quite the little personality–he’s gregarious, loves animals, and thinks i’m the funniest person on the planet. as he gets older and is able to interact more and more with his world, i decided that it’s time to lead by example and teach him about generosity, selflessness, humility, and compassion by committing to 50 days of kindness!

today started my journey of 50 days of performing random acts of kindness to enrich my community, but also to teach my son what it means to be a citizen and member of such an awesome city/country/world.¬†and okay, this is not directly printing or studio related, but let’s be honest, my life is about so much more than paper these days!

my only hope is that the recipients smile a little brighter and that these acts might inspire your own acts of kindness in your community!

day 1: delivered 50 homegrown peonies to our local hospital for new moms and babies born this day! (i had to wait overnight for the buds to fully open, so worth the wait)