Fishing Flies!

I recently worked on a wedding suite where the groom loved fly fishing. They even went fly fishing for their engagement photos…in the freezing rain, now that’s dedication.

I drew several different flies to incorporate into their suite and I loved the drawings so much that I decided to print a few notecards with them.

As stated in the previous post, these are for sale at our etsy shop!




Pen pals

Who doesn’t love getting a hand-written note in the mail? Doesn’t it just brighten up your day to open the mailbox and see a note from a friend – and not because it’s your birthday, but just because?

I was inspired this week by a conversation with a woman at our local stationery store. She has been writing to her pen pal for 20 years! Twenty year! They’ve never met, nor does she think they ever will – her pen pal lives in the Czech Republic. They started writing when one of them saw an ad in an in-flight magazine soliciting pen pals. Wow!

This woman and her pen pal made me think of my own pen pal, whom I haven’t written to in – oh – 15 years. When I was a kid, my family moved from upstate New York to Virginia. I wrote to a friend in New York for a few years, updating her on school and life down south. But as the years went on and we each became busier, the letters sort of just trailed off. I know that my story is nowhere near as cool as the woman and her european friend, but everyone has had a pen pal story right?

We sent these two sets of personal stationery off this week. I wonder what they’ll be used for: a thank you note? a message to a far-away pen pal? If you’re as inspired by the possibilities as I am, then wherever you are, send a note to someone this week and bring a smile to their face!



Tickled Pink

Pink was once my favorite color…I recently traded it in for seafoam green. Sorry pink, but you know I still love you. But with Valentine’s day right around the corner, I was in the mood and inspired by all the shades of pink around me. I mixed this bright magenta pink this weekend and ran a few different notecards with it. I love how the polka dots and giraffes bring a bit of cheeriness to the rather drab weather we’re having outside.

We’ll be posting these up on our etsy store this week, so grab them before they’re gone!