progression of a drawing

for me, graphite renderings take a slightly different approach than a lot of my other drawings. yes, i still start in my sketchbook to study the subject a few different ways to start to understand scale, proportion and be aware of any areas that need special attention.

similar to other drawings, i’ll first break down the drawing into simple shapes like circles, ovals, rectangles, and triangles. if it’s a person or animal, i’ll also pay special attention to things like the spine or proportions of a face. with those light guide lines in place, i usually add more details across the entire drawing. but with a graphite rendering i really have to be careful about smudging with my hand, so i tend to work top to bottom and left to right (i’m right handed). this is really different from what i’m used to because i tend to create drawings with the intention that at any given moment, i can put the pencil down and have a ‘complete’ drawing. one that encompasses a complete thought or study of the subject. and although i think ‘in progress’ graphite renderings are thought provoking, a lot of times these feel so incomplete to me until i’m done with the entire page.

FullSizeRender (2)

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