for lent this year, i gave up dining out for weekday lunches. i LOVE lunch out because it’s so convenient and my toddler son loves to people watch so it becomes a fun and engaging activity. but, i wanted to give it up for lent this year not only to save money and put it towards other parts of our lives, but also to challenge myself to find fun fresh ideas to engage my son.

and then i thought to myself, why should the season be only about sacrifice and feeling like something was being ‘taken away’? why not also ADD something positive into your daily routine…something that brings joy or makes you a better, stronger person? so, in addition to giving up lunches out, i’m also challenging myself to pick up my pencil and draw something everyday for 40 days.

it could be a diagram, my dog(s), a favorite flower. it could be a quick napkin sketch or a longer more detailed drawing. i’m hoping this establishes a habit of putting ideas down on paper and allows me to become a better designer by strengthening my hand and mind.

here is today’s sketch: 2.15.16 bright smile



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