spring: a fresh start + giveaway

**update, congratulations to sarah–you’re walking away with a new set of personal stationery! be sure to check out your inbox today for more details.

it’s officially spring! it’s great to see people walking around outside, the leaves starting to bud, and flowers starting to pop up in the yard.

i don’t know about you, but finally being able to emerge from winter hibernation has totally put me into spring cleaning mode. we’ve already cleared out our closet (mainly because we’re doing some major bedroom renovation), we’re in process of purging our bookshelves, and i vacuumed and polished the flooring in our entire house this morning. and with all this household cleaning, don’t you deserve a fresh start to your stationery as well?

who doesn’t love getting real mail these days…and not just another bill. in honor of spring, all 1 color letterpress printed stationery is ON SALE (until the end of april)! that means you get 50 letterpress printed cards + printed envelopes for $100! that’s only $2 per set, made just for you.

spring sale

click the image above for a larger view

AND what’s even better, i’m giving away a FREE set of 50 to 1 very lucky person…just leave a comment on this post telling me anything about spring. Make sure you comment before March 28th, and I’ll email the random winner to discuss details.

8 thoughts on “spring: a fresh start + giveaway

  1. Wehaf says:

    Spring has just barely started here, but I love all hearing all the birds twittering again, after a winter filled with silence.

  2. Sarah says:

    The people who lived in our house before us planted daffodils near the mailbox. When they bloom, I know spring has arrived, and I’m so thankful for the visual reminder of changing seasons and warmer weather!

  3. Ryan. says:

    The best part about spring being a fresh start is just that, it is a fresh start!

    Although most of us all know what spring looks and feels like, we always seem to be refreshed by its presence. The opportunity to wear less layers of clothing and interact with the outdoors is exciting.

    In addition, all the sights, sounds, and smells provide our senses with the opportunity to be fully stimulated. We also can’t forget about how the spring transforms us from being winter homebody’s into vibrant community members that strive interact.

    • Debbie says:

      ryan, i also love getting out of my hibernation mode…and it’s exciting to walk out the door and happen upon a random rendezvous with neighbors we haven’t seen all winter! and now that the sun is setting later, my husband and i actually get excited about our evening walk with the dogs.

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