Tomtoberfest & fleaVILLE

I was so honored to participate in Charlottesville’s flea-VILLE this weekend, as part of Tom Tom’s Tomtoberfest…yes, that was a lot of word-play.

My friends from Kindred Paper, asked me to join their booth and also contribute some artwork for a few of their cards. This was not only Kindred’s debut but also my first time selling studio goodies at a market-like setting. We were also joined by Emily and Adam who make knitted goods and art prints respectively. The four of us has so much fun spending the afternoon together and meeting all the other vendors–there was a little of everything from paper to vintage antiques to food trucks…yes, I said food trucks.

It was also wonderful because it was located 5 blocks from our house, so my husband walked the dogs over to say hi. They seriously were the best advertisement we could ask for…I mean, who can resist those puppy faces? And no, they are not related by blood…nor are they the same breed. In fact, they are both mutts that we love so much and were just destined to be brothers.


photo source: stonestreet creative


photo source: fleaVILLE


photo source: fleaVILLE

I had a blast and hope everyone who came out to the market had fun and enjoyed looking at (and even buying) some cards.

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