studio tour: production day

It’s pretty easy to make a mess on production day since i usually work on everything from paper trimming, mixing inks, calligraphy, assembling, and packaging all on the same 5’x3′ desk. I do try my hardest to keep things clean and organized (for the most part) and clean up before moving on to the next task.

production day-01

production day-02

Here’s a quick glimpse at the printing stage of a typical production day (printing siobhan and raleigh’s wedding invites!). you can see the stacks of paper on one side of the desk–they’ve been conveniently separated into stacks of 25 so it’s easy to keep track of how many I’ve actually printed. And on the other side, you can see part of what goes into mixing ink. For this particular project, it took me 3 tries to get the color exactly right, so you can see all the different shades of green I mixed…trust me, they look the same on the palette, but print very very differently.

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