Rustic + Romantic

Nicole and Jake are getting married! I’ve known Nicole ever since high school. She lived in my neighborhood and her sister and I were classmates. She’s always had the nickname, Baby Brackett to me because she’s so sweet and adorable. It’s hard to imagine that the girl I grew up with and was bus buddies with is now getting married! I’m so excited for their fall wedding–they are getting married the same weekend that my husband and I exchanged our vows just 2 years ago.

Nicole and Jake are holding a small intimate gathering for family and close friends. There is a willow tree at their venue and she loved the idea or incorporating that into the save the date and wedding suite. So I drew a willow tree for her and ‘carved’ their initials into the card to emphasize their rustic + romantic wedding theme.

nicole save the date-2

And for the return address, I designed a custom rubber stamp for her and Jake to use now, for the wedding invitations, and for whatever other mail they need to send! To stamp on the dark chocolate envelopes, we just used a white ink pad–charming right?

Can’t wait to start on your wedding suite, Baby Brackett…and I think it’s time to stop calling you that…

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