Studio tour: new ink shelf

I’ve been carting this metal shelf around with me for almost five years, from closet to closet, mostly forgotten & neglected. Each compartment originally held little white boxes used for storing tiny test tubes (or so I was told by the previous owner). It has always seemed like a really unique piece; it was free, but I’ve never known how I could use it. When we moved into our new house last fall, I knew that I wanted the shelf somewhere in my workspace. But it sat in the corner of the studio for almost six months before the perfect use finally dawned on me: ink storage!

ink shelf-1

I use rubber-based inks that come in 1 lb. cans, which fit ever-so-perfectly into the little cubbies. Awesome. And I just so happen to have exactly 12 cans of ink, one for each compartment. Even more awesome. So now the ink is easily accessible and it’s really convenient to pull out different colors. Previously, the cans were in a drawer and I’d have to dig through, and push aside one can just to get to the color I needed, which always seemed to be in the back (not quite sure how that happened!).

In addition to storing ink, I can also store other supplies on top: check out that awesome shades-of-blue pencil holder (thanks to Amanda and Anthropologie)! It holds several pens, pencils, nibs, paper clips… And I’m also using my favorite coffee can to hold brushes, rulers, scales, & random architectural drafting supplies. Even though I haven’t drafted anything in a few years, I just can’t seem to fully give up on that part of my life.

I love that I was finally able to find the perfect re-use of the metal shelf and save it from an otherwise inevitable trip to the scrap metal heap.

ink shelf-2

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