We go together like…

To celebrate Valentine’s day, my husband and I took a wood-type letterpress class together at the Virginia Arts of the Book Center last weekend. We designed, sorted, & set vintage wood type & printed on a Vandercook cylinder press. This was a really fun course to take together because I use photopolymer plates, rather than wood type, on a table-top platen press. And even though I’ve been printing for a while now, my husband has never pulled even one run.

For the Valentine’s Day theme, we created a phrase to complete the saying “We go together like…” on 12 pre-printed cards. I chose “We go together like beauty and the beast” – only slightly poking fun at me & my husband. He chose chose “We go together like bacon & everything else.” Cute right?

The VABC has drawers & drawers full of type. After much searching, we found letters. But since we were using physical type, we had to make some adjustments to our designs. Size, spacing & font selections are more restrictive since we we dealing with physical type instead of digital design. A few hours later – it’s also a much longer process to set individual letters & spacers! – we each ran the cylinder press and created some fun pieces.

Despite the aesthetic limitations of the pre-printed design, I think the cards turned out pretty great. It even reminds me of a checkered tablecloth, which goes really seemed appropriate for bacon!

we go together like-1

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