Pantone Color of the Year: I’m seeing green

Well, we didn’t make a correct prediction back in this post but we were happy to see emerald as the new pantone color of the year. Hey, at least it’s in the same color family as mint, that counts for something, right?

image source

image source

Emerald is such a bold, rich, beautiful color that pairs well with almost anything. Use it as a statement color or combine it with warm oranges or a royal blue for a contrast–I can already imagine the possibilities. You can change the atmosphere of your outfit, event, stationery, etc by just changing your accent color. Having a fall wedding, try burnt orange, golden yellow, and emerald. Going out for a night on the town? Pair your little black dress with an emerald ring, necklace, or clutch. Having a baby boy? Accessorize his nursery with emerald and teal…LOVE it.

And as much as I do love pantone’s color choice of emerald, mint is still a hot trend for 2013. Check out this pinterest page filled with all things mint. I like to think of it as the softer, more subtle, little brother of emerald. Are you thinking of including mint as a wedding color this year? Let us know what you are pairing it with!

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