sketch, sketch, sketch all day long

I spent the summer of 2006 and 2010 abroad for a drawing program through the architecture school at UVa. The first time around, I was a student, and subsequently was the teaching assistant. These trips really helped me understand my LOVE for drawing. While there, we spent literally 8 hours a day with our sketchbooks in tow drawing everything we saw from buildings, landscape, details, and even some awesome hats on Italian Independence Day.

I still love drawing and pull out my sketchbook for every project we have. Some projects require more intense sketchbook time, like Tourterelle, and other times it’s just sketching out concepts and layouts.

We loved the drawing for Anne’s Farm to Table invitations so much that we then had boxcar press create a plate for us to make a few sets of these cards featuring our veggie drawings. We even packaged a few sets up already and sent them to our friends Sarah and Andrea who put us in touch with our most recent clients.


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