Studio tour: small spaces

I’m excited to finally be posting a series on our small studio and how an we generate ideas and turn them into tactile and luxurious pieces of stationery.

The photo pretty much captures our entire studio space…can you believe that we fit in a 6×10′ space?

Dumbo, our press lives on top of a flat file from ikea, which we reinforced with plywood to support the weight of the press. Inside of the flat file holds all kinds of supplies from paper + envelopes, tape, photopolymer plates, and ink. Adjacent to the press, we have an antique drafting table that I bought right after graduating from architecture school. It’s a huge desk made of cast iron and oak and I love the dialog between the  arcs of the desk and arcs of the press. We still have our drafting board with a mayline on the desk and use this space to sketch ideas, cut paper, and package final products. Above the desk, we’ve found a place to hang work we’ve done and work we are inspired by. And if the inspiration wall isn’t enough to get our creative juices flowing, we have a wall of books behind us to browse through.

We are also really lucky to have a northern facing window in the nmiddle of the studio that sheds even diffuse light throughout the day so we can examine our work in natural light.

I love our small studio but have big dreams of owning a floor model press someday…which means we’ll have to one day look for a new space to house it! But until then, here’s a glimpse of our space at Studio TEN15.

Photo by Andrea Hubbell Photography

Photo by Andrea Hubbell Photography

Photo by Andrea Hubbell Photography

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