Digital Studio

Here’s a quick peek into our compact studio. We’ve shown you the press itself in previous posts, but here’s a look into the other half of the studio–the digital (yet still very manual) studio.

We are set up with a computer, pens, pencils, and a drawing board. Our process begins with a sketch with pen and paper and then we convert these drawings into digital files, that then get translated into plates, and finally back on to paper by inking up the letterpress. Sometimes, it seems round about and cumbersome, but we love the mix of digital work, hand drawings, and letterpress. Each technique adds a new layer of texture and character that enriches the quality of the final product.

Below is an example of how we started to conceptualize the carousel horse cards a few weeks ago. We tried several different iterations of horses and made adjustments with each drawing–both physical and digital. Once we had something we were happy with, we sent off our digital files to Boxcar Press, and a week later, we were printing these awesome cards.

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